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  • Push the Green Button

    Push the Green Button

    An increasing number of energy utilities are signing up for the Green Button initiative.  Green Button is a voluntary initiative that will allow energy utility customers to monitor their home energy use through their utility’s website via the internet.  It doesn’t require smart meters to implement. Since the first step toward greater energy efficiency is an [...]

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  • On the smart grid, a watt saved is a watt earned

    On the smart grid, a watt saved is a watt earned

    Peak electricity demand is what drives the need for new electricity generating facilities.  Reduce peak demand, reduce the need for new electricity generating facilities.  It’s really that simple. In most areas, peak demand occurs in mid to late afternoon, when offices and factories are in use, lights, equipment and appliances are on and air conditioners are [...]

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  • Electric utilities see the light

    Electric utilities see the light

    Faced with increasing demands for electricity, hundreds of billions of dollars in costs to repair, replace and expand power plants and the electricity distribution system over the next few decades, state mandates for renewable energy standards and an uncertain regulatory environment for using fossil fuels to generate electricity, electric utilities are finally realizing the benefits [...]

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  • Six surprising sustainability facts

    Six surprising sustainability facts

    1. Do you think energy efficiency improvements are all hype and wouldn’t really help the energy situation? If every car in North America was as fuel efficient as a Toyota Prius, there wouldn’t be a need to import any oil.  None.  (Anyone who claims the U.S. can drill its way to energy independence without large cuts [...]

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  • The value of insulation

    The value of insulation

    Anyone who has neglected to take a coat to an outdoor event and ended up shivering in the cold, or taken cold drinks in an uninsulated container to a picnic on a hot day, understands the value of insulation on a concrete, personal level.  But the value of insulation in a home is much more difficult [...]

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  • Start with your thermostat

    Start with your thermostat

    If you’re trying to decide what should be your first energy efficiency home improvement, and you haven’t replaced your thermostat in a few years or more, you should consider getting a new thermostat.  Not only can a thermostat save you significant money on monthly utility bills, it can make your home environment more comfortable. Unsurprisingly, thermostat [...]

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  • Get a home energy audit!

    Get a home energy audit!

    The underlying premise of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is knowing what ain’t broke.  That’s the reason for an energy audit (unfortunate name, I know) on your home.  An energy audit will let you know where energy, and your hard-earned cash, is being wasted. Getting an energy audit on your home is smart.  It should [...]

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  • Where the energy goes

    Where the energy goes

    This easy to follow graph in, neatly summarizes Department of Energy (DOE) information about residential energy use.  The DOE periodically updates the information to track changes in residential energy use.  As an example, the amount of energy used by electronics  has skyrocketed over the past 20 years to a point where it is now [...]

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  • Procter & Gamble to advocate cold water washing

    Procter & Gamble to advocate cold water washing

    Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) has announced an information campaign to promote cold water clothes washing.  The educational campaign is aimed at converting households from warm and hot water laundry habits to cold water washing by Earth Day 2013. According to P&G studies, approximately 93% of white laundry is washed in warm or hot water along [...]

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  • Renewable energy and fossil fuel energy increase

    Renewable energy and fossil fuel energy increase

    In sort of a good news – bad news report, the U.S. Energy Information Administration released information about the electric generating capacity that was added in the U.S. during the first half of this year.  See the chart in Environmental Leader. Of the total of 11,255 megawatts added, 5,519 megawatts (about 49%) was from natural gas, 2,725 [...]

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