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  • Do you have any energy efficiency dilemma?

    Do you have any energy efficiency dilemma?

    There have been several recent magazine articles and newspaper editorials about the so-called energy efficiency dilemma.  Those articles and editorials imply it is a new theory regarding improving energy efficiency.  In reality, the theory has been around since it was first proposed in 1865 by the British economist William Stanley Jevons regarding the use and depletion [...]

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  • Are we really this craven?

    Are we really this craven?

    Just how pathetic and craven have we become in our endless and desperate efforts to feed our fossil fuel addiction?  The answer could very well be provided by a New York Times article, which exposed an attempt by the Libyan government (i.e. Moammar Gadhafi) to extort from some global energy companies the $1.5 billion fine for [...]

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  • The lost 300 BILLION barrels of oil

    The lost 300 BILLION barrels of oil

    Perhaps eclipsed in all the media coverage of unrest in the Middle East, but news of potentially much greater importance for the U.S., was the WikiLeaks release of a State Department cable about Saudi Arabian oil reserves.  The 2007 cable warned that a Saudi Aramco senior executive had admitted Saudi Arabian oil reserves were overstated [...]

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  • A little coal-fired power plant quiz

    A little coal-fired power plant quiz

    In response to a court-mandated deadline, the EPA announced yesterday that it would for the first time propose rules to regulate and restrict toxic air emissions from coal-fired power plants. Per the court order, the EPA has until November to make the rules official.  The utility companies will have three years to comply.  Although litigation, political [...]

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  • The greening of the Navy and Marines

    The greening of the Navy and Marines

    In case any of you missed the thought-provoking and entertaining editorial, The U.S.S. Prius, by Thomas L. Friedman in the New York Times, you really should  check it out. Mr. Friedman notes how the Navy and Marines, realizing the cost in lives and money to transport fuel into war zones and, unlike Congress, unable to be [...]

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  • Oil company exec sees high prices and shortages

    Oil company exec sees high prices and shortages

    Americans paying $5 + per gallon for gas in 2012? Looming blackouts, brownouts, gas lines and rationing in America within a decade? Politically driven decisions by the government stifling progress on any energy policy that might avert energy shortages? (OK, maybe this last one isn’t too hard to believe). Those estimates and others were recently made in a [...]

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  • What the Third World can teach America about green energy

    What the Third World can teach America about green energy

    A recent article in The New York Times chronicled the huge numbers of home-scale renewable energy systems – primarily solar panels – being installed in many Third World countries.  Those renewable energy systems are being installed on houses in areas where the electrical grid doesn’t reach and there is no electricity available. The homeowners install small, inexpensive [...]

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  • This is really bad news

    This is really bad news

    A study by the University of California, Davis used a market-based sustainability forecasting tool to conclude it will take about 131 years for renewable fuels to supplant gasoline and diesel. A new forecasting tool was developed for the study.  It uses two key elements: market capitalization of companies in the applicable industries (based on stock share prices) [...]

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  • Enemies of progress

    Enemies of progress

    In 2007, a Republican co-sponsored energy efficiency bill was passed by Congress with bi-partison support and signed into law by President George W. Bush.  The bill, which slowly phases out incandescent bulbs over a period of years, received little notice and even less opposition. Now even that feeble attempt by the federal government to try and make [...]

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  • Buffalo Grass

    Buffalo Grass

    This is the first reader-contributed article to the website.  It is an interesting, first-person account by George Zimmerman, who undertook a concerted effort to reduce resource use at his residence as much as possible.  As he explained it: I am sure that not mowing saves gas and that not overusing water reduces electrical use in the water delivery [...]

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