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  • Measuring light brightness

    Measuring light brightness

    Back when the old incandescent bulbs were the only type of light bulbs available, their light output was measured in watts. (It’s interesting that watts more accurately measures energy used than light produced).  With the proliferation of longer-lasting and more energy-efficient CFL and LED bulbs, using the term watts is becoming obsolete for measuring the [...]

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  • I’m really excited about NanoLight bulbs

    I’m really excited about NanoLight bulbs

    There’s just nothing quite like technological innovation to really improve some products.  For example, the folks at NanoLight have developed an LED bulb that they say is the most energy-efficient light bulb in the world – and it’s also unlike any light bulb I’ve ever seen. The reason the bulb looks so unusual is they evidently [...]

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  • A $5 LED bulb

    A $5 LED bulb

    Lemnis Lighting has introduced three varieties of LED bulbs, including one priced at $4.95.  LED bulb prices have been in a virtual free fall.  In fact, the Department of Energy has predicted the price of LED bulbs will drop around 30% a year from 2010 to 2015 and 10 to 15% a year from then to [...]

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  • New, inexpensive (relatively) LED bulb

    New, inexpensive (relatively) LED bulb

    Lighting Science Group and Dixon Technologies have unveiled a new 60-watt equivalent LED bulb that they say will retail for less than $15.  The bulb will be jointly manufactured and distributed by the two companies.  It will be available in the U.S. early next year. This development is remarkable for two reasons: Almost all LED bulbs produced [...]

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  • Better lighting with less energy

    Better lighting with less energy

    The lighting section of a typical hardware store now contains a bewildering selection of light bulbs in various shapes, sizes, types, light colors and energy usage amounts.  But the average homeowner should be choosing between three types of light bulbs: incandescent, compact fluorescent (CFL) and light-emitting diode (LED).  Most light bulbs currently available are these types.  There are four [...]

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  • Spotlight on LED light bulbs

    Spotlight on LED light bulbs

    There has been much consternation and media attention on the price of LED light bulbs.  LED light bulbs are new technology, and new technology can be pricey.  Think about when flat-screen HD TVs first appeared, even a moderate size TV could cost over $20,000.  Prices of LED bulbs will come down over time. Let’s again consider [...]

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  • Improving on Edison

    Improving on Edison

    The incandescent light bulb is the ultimate testament to the determination, tenacity and sublime genius of Thomas Edison.  But it is also 130 year old technology that has been largely unchanged.  They’re much, much better at turning energy to heat than to light. Airplanes are 107 year old technology.  But, that technology has been improved so [...]

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  • New LED replacement bulb for 60-watt light bulbs

    New LED replacement bulb for 60-watt light bulbs

    As reported in this article from fastcompany.com, Philips has developed a very energy efficient LED light bulb that is a direct swap-in replacement for the standard 60-watt incandescent bulbs. Phillips applied their scientific and engineering know-how to perfect the “remote phosphor” technology that makes the bulbs give off a soft white glow, and optimize the optical [...]

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  • Light up your life – information on energy saving light bulbs

    Light up your life – information on energy saving light bulbs

    This Planet Green article, Top Green Lighting Tips, gives good information about the various kinds of energy-saving light bulbs available, and other green tips to save you energy and money.

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