Wind energy basics

Thinking of installing a wind turbine at your house, and interested in getting the most bang for your buck?  There are several things to consider, and it will probably be a little more complicated than installing solar panels.  OK, depending on your particular situation, it may be considerably more complicated than installing solar panels.

Fortunately, there is a great deal of information available to help you through the process.  Wind Power Basics (New Society Publishers) provides a wealth of information to help even a novice develop a clear understanding of wind energy and wind turbines.

Among the primary topics covered in the book:

  • Wind turbine siting (You need to put it where the strongest, smoothest winds typically occur, and away from major wind obstacles).
  • Wind turbine tower height considerations.
  • Tall wind turbine tower economics (Hint: You won’t hear people say that they wish they’d bought a shorter tower.  But also be advised local zoning codes may strictly limit tower height in many urban and suburban areas).

For more information, please see the article in Mother Earth News.

About the Author

Mark H. Witte is a strong proponent for energy efficiency and renewable energy, and believes individuals should have more control over how the energy for their homes is produced.